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This Contents page organizes the posts made to the 'Conversations' into their respective 'categories'. Within each category, newest posts are at the top, then descending in reverse chronological order. (The number - [1] - at the end of each item title is the number of comments left to date on that item ...)

Party Panic ... [2]

We are reaching Peak Party!

A bit about the neighborhood [1]

Neighborhood observations from a visitor

Neighborhood Cleanup [1]

Street cleaning day, April 2019

Best of Japan! [1]

I just received my copies of the latest guidebooks from Lonely Planet, and was very pleased to find that they are still featuring us prominently!

Out in left field ... [1]

An unusual combination of guests in one of our Print Parties!

Armoured defense [1]

Building stronger defences against the invaders ...

The war begins ... [1]

As frequent viewers of our Twitch channel well know, we have been having rodent trouble here at Mokuhankan recently.

The new shutter is ready! [4]

It has taken way too long to get this organised, but we finally got our new shutter graphic image 'uploaded' today ...

Genre dividers ... at last! [0]

We now have Genre Dividers in the shop, to help people see what kind of prints we have ...

Ready to go ... 'after' [5]

The prints are now installed in the shop ... ready for tomorrow's Opening!

Ready to go ... 'before' [0]

Today was moving day for the Asakusa shop!

First Floor Shop Progress Update [1]

Construction continues moving forward, and we now have a new attention-grabbing poster outside the front of our shop.

Construction Update [1]

We've been very lax in bringing updates on the 1st floor construction to our fans! But it can't be helped - the work itself is going very slowly.

Asakusa Shop Announcement [0]

OK, here we go ... this will be the biggest announcement we've made since the one nearly four years ago when I told you that we would be opening a shop in Asakusa ...

Our Star Printers [0]

Today's results! Two of our young star printers - and the work they have turned in this afternoon ...

Full House at Asakusa! [0]

Full House! All four of the printing stations in the Asakusa workroom (up on the 3rd floor of the shop) were busy yesterday

Lots of Print Parties! [0]

Party time! It's _crazy_ here this month! Over the past couple of years, our Print Parties have been gradually gaining in popularity ...

Glimpse of the future? [1]

An update on the 3rd floor renovations ...

Progressing ... [4]

A quick peek into our printers' room ...

Here we go again! [3]

Introduction to the 3rd floor ...

Anniversaries ... [7]

How Mokuhankan got started ...

Another very big day ... [4]

We're in a very important guidebook!

Rogues Gallery! [3]

A new addition to the decoration in our Asakusa shop!

Reviews ... [1]

Our first online review ...

Mokuhankan Staff Letter - end of November 2014 [1]

An open letter from Dave to the Mokuhankan staff

Another day, another party … [0]

The busiest day so far in our little shop ...

Grand Tour ... (Part II ...) [8]

Part 2 of the Grand Tour of the new shop!

Grand Tour ... (Part I ...) [5]

Some photos of the new shop ...

Sign up! [4]

Our large 'baren' sign is finally raised!

Homestretch! [5]

We're approaching opening day ...

Getting close! [5]

Another construction update ...

Construction update ... [2]

Construction slowly moves along ...

Signing in ... [3]

Preparing our large canvas sign ...

Construction continues ... [2]

Another construction update ...

Construction progress ... [7]

A report on the construction progress ...

Construction begins ... [5]

Photos of the first two days of renovation work ...

The Big Day [6]

We are now leaseholders!

Suga-san and the 'Classical Beauty' [1]

Suga-san has printed one of the most difficult prints in the Mystique of the Japanese Print subscription series.

More blocks! [0]

New blocks from old

Aoyama-san Making Blocks for Carving [4]

Aoyama-san prepares woodblocks.

Carving progress ... [0]

The key block for Japan Journey print #4 is ready ...

Block-less Snow Technique [1]

Suga-san adds snow to the "Winter Ferry" design from the Mystique of the Japanese Print series.

Gold Flakes by Rei [0]

This week, our newest in-house printer Rei learned a new technique – how to add gold flakes to our Red Dragonfly print!

'Lost' Hasui Print - Found! [1]

One of our collectors recently acquired a set of woodblocks for a Hasui design that has not been printed in many years and asked us to put together a new edition.

Construction is Moving Forward [0]

We have made some major progress with preparation for the move into the first floor. Over the last two days we renovated the sign!

Upcoming Patreon Chibies - part 1 [1]

Showing the initial stages of work on the 2018 Patreon Chibi prints ...

Shiba-san sizing paper [0]

Shiba-san and Dave sized a batch of paper this morning ...

Embossing a new print [0]

We just received the latest batch of the newest Ukiyo-e Heroes print yesterday.

Chibi Prints Blockset [0]

The block set for the upcoming Patreon Chibi prints is finally done!

Patreon Chibi Key Block [0]

The key block that you saw me carving in the video we released a couple of days ago - for the 'Patreon Chibi' design - is now finished

'Arakawa' Print Almost Finished [0]

Ayumi-san's work on the Hasui 'Arakawa' design has been coming along very well, and she has now finished the basic printing on a batch of 40 sheets

New Doi Hanga Print [0]

We began testing another of the Doi Hanga block sets this week

A new Hasui print is almost ready ... [0]

We are adding a new Hasui reproduction to our catalogue today ...

Paper Breakthrough? [8]

We may have the answer to our paper problems!

Our first blocks! [4]

... preparing our first self-made woodblocks ...

Sizing machine - proof of concept? [15]

An attempt to help solve our paper problems ... we try to make a sizing machine!

New woodblocks ... [6]

The wood block adventures continue ... and seem to be moving along well!

The Wood Question ... [7]

Lots of people offering assistance here ... there's not much our overseas friends can do about paper, but a few people have suggestions about the wood supply ...

Kamisuki proofing ... [0]

Proofing the new 'Mashup' print ...

The Henry Manga comes to life! [2]

First photos of the new Henry Manga book ...

Mashup? [9]

A very interesting new 'shin-hanga' development!

New Cherry Lumber [0]

We finally found something we've been looking for!

But before I tell you about it, I want to introduce myself a little bit. My name is Cameron and I'e been here with Mokuhankan since ...

'Aki no Miyajima' is back in stock! [0]

We have just completed the printing of another edition taken from the old Doi Hanga blocks that we are holding here.

Owl Gift Print Page Open [0]

This year's Gift Print page is now open ... I showed you the image - the Hiroshige 'Owl in Moonlight' - a couple of weeks back, and we've been busily printing since then ...

Owl Gift Print Test Print [0]

Teaser! I've just finished doing the trial printing of the Gift Print for this year. The print that we will be featuring this time is a design by Hiroshige, and ...

Yokai prints for September [0]

End of another month - so it's time to post two more Yokai Faceoff prints

Aki no Miyajima Print [2]

Ayumi-san's latest print - Aki no Miyajima - has now been checked, and given the all-clear for packaging and shipping!

Miyajima Print Progress [0]

I have good news and bad news today ...

Two Years in the planning ... [2]

We're ready to announce our new subscription series for 2015!

Great Wave Redux! [6]

Work is under way on the next Print Party design ...

New block set for Japan Journey #6 [0]

Japan Journey #6 ready for test printing

Every print is 'horrible'! [5]

We're caught up!

March Loot print is online! [0]

The next Loot print is now online ...

Legendary Loot! gets under way tomorrow ... [2]

Our new subscription series for 2018 - Legendary Loot! - kicks off tomorrow morning, January 1st.

Last Yokai Prints [0]

Final Yokai pair! Over the past few weeks, the final pair of prints in the 2017 subscription series were shipped

Legendary Loot Series [4]

Video alert! This is _soooooo_ late - it's the announcement video for next year's subscription series!

November Yokai Prints [0]

End of the month, and time for another couple of subscription prints to go online

New Yokai Prints [0]

A 'Fireball Yokai' and 'Kyara-ben' ...

Two More Yokai Prints [0]

Two more Yokai prints...

July Yokai Prints [0]

The July Yokai Faceoff prints are now up on the website!

June Yokai Prints [0]

This is late! At the end of June I was supposed to upload the next pair of Yokai Faceoff prints from that month! Well, here they are

May Yokai Prints [0]

Another month has gone by, so it's time to put up the next pair of Yokai Face-off prints - the ones that were sent to subscribers in May!

April Yokai Prints [0]

It's the end of another month, so time to put up the pair of Yokai Face-off prints that were sent to subscribers in April!

March Yokai Prints [0]

It's April (here in Japan), and with the March subscription prints safely in the hands of the subscribers, I can show them online.

New Ukiyo-e Hero Coming Along Nicely [0]

Over the weekend, Suga-san made progress on a batch of test prints, so we snapped some pictures of a rare combination of people: the publisher, carver, and printer all together!

Art of the Game now on iTunes! [0]

"Art of the Game", the documentary about David Bull, Jed Henry and Ukiyo-e Heroes, is out TODAY (January 30) on iTunes!

Art of the Game Available for Pre-order on Itunes [0]

The documentary "ART OF THE GAME: Ukiyo-e Heroes" is now available for pre-order on iTunes in the US, Canada, and Australia ...

Kickstarter Print Progress [0]

Many of our Kickstarter backers have been waiting to hear about print shipments, and we had some good news for them today ...

If You're Bored ... [1]

"If you're bored ..." That's the classification of our documentary feature in the latest update on new content that is coming to Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc

Documentary now on Delta Airlines! [0]

Delta's in-flight entertainment features a documentary on Mokuhankan ...

Documentary now on Delta Airlines [0]

The movie about our work - The Art of the Game - is currently playing in the seat-back entertainment system on Delta flights.

2017 Kickstarter Introduction Video [0]

Jed-san and I have opened the Kickstarter campaign, and have put the intro video also onto YouTube.

New Kickstarter Campaign Teaser [0]

OK, time to pull the trigger! Jed and I have been very busy for the past few months working over a hot stove cooking something up for our fans and collectors

Documentary Screening at San Diego Comic-con [0]

Anybody headed for the Comic-con in San Diego next weekend?

Ukiyo-e Heroes News [0]

Ukiyoe Heroes news today! Or actually ... as I should be phrasing that from now on ... Ukiyoe Heroes - Classics news today!

'The Serpent Strikes' Key Block [0]

Big news today! Fans have been waiting for this for _years_!

In Toronto for Ukiyoe Heroes Doc Screening [0]

I'm here in Toronto for the showing of the Ukiyoe Heroes documentary, to find that I've got a pretty full schedule of interviews and meetings lined up for me

Ukiyoe Heroes Film Review [0]

"Ukiyo-e Heroes is a beautiful film about art, mastery, and dedication ..."

Ukiyoe Heroes Documentary Film being shown in Toronto! [0]

Heads up for Ontario and Upper NY State fans! It has been confirmed that Dave will be in Toronto in early May for the premiere of the Ukiyoe Heroes Documentary film!

Documentary film featuring Ukiyoe Heroes [0]

Have you heard about the new documentary film featuring Ukiyoe Heroes??

Blue Storm progress ... [1]

An update on the most recent Ukiyoe Heroes print

Easter Eggs! [0]

Video alert! You didn’t expect this one so soon, I’m sure ... We have something ‘a little bit different’ for you today - a short little video that will show you how to discover some hidden Easter Eggs in our Ukiyo-e Heroes Portraits prints!

David's Choice - Episode #9 video is ready! [0]

The next in our David’s Choice video series has just ...

Design for us! [1]

Announcing a new series of prints ... 'Eight Views of Cats'!

Supplementary video ... [0]

Yet another video upload ... It's getting to be a habit!

David's Choice #8 video is now on YouTube! [0]

The next in our David’s Choice video series has just been uploaded to YouTube.

Millions and millions ... [2]

A couple of nice milestones came by recently. The first was when our YouTube video count rolled over to another million views.

David's Choice #7 is now on YouTube [0]

The next in the David’s Choice series has just been uploaded to YouTube!

New Subscription Series! [0]

The YouTube video showing the new series for 2019 is now up!

'Times Burned Bright' video is ready! [0]

The next video showing how our prints are made has just been uploaded to YouTube.

Clock is ticking ... [1]

Our video views have reached a nice round milestone!

Part two of the 'Beginnings' video is done! [3]

Just a couple of weeks after Part One, the next part of the 'Beginnings' video is ready!

YouTube comments ... [2]

Recent YouTube comments ...

New 'ramble' video! [2]

A new video is up on YouTube ...

Video preparation ... [4]

The next YouTube video is almost ready ... here's a background view of the production process!

Print Party video! [0]

A special new video has just gone up to our YouTube channel … and it’s a good one … Print Party + Festival!

Upcoming video ... [2]

The next video ... another 'ramble' ... is on the way ...

David's Choice #6 video is ready ... [0]

A new video is up on YouTube

Video production ... [1]

Work on the next David's Choice video has begun ...

Woodblock Print - start to finish [1]

Video update! Get your popcorn ready - this is an epic!

Special Live Stream coming up tomorrow ... [0]

The Twitch stream for this upcoming Monday morning will be a bit of an experiment ...

Ukiyo-e Heroes Book - Part 1 [0]

Video alert! Part 1 in what will (probably) be a quick two-part series showing the production of the bound Ukiyo-e Heroes books

The Great Wave - Part 16 [0]

New video! And it's a bit of a Blast from the Past - episode 16 in the Great Wave series!

David's Choice - #5 [0]

Video alert! The next video in the David's Choice series is (finally!) ready ...

Ukiyo-e Heroes 2017 Kickstarter - wrapping up [0]

There are still three days left in the 2017 Ukiyo-e Heroes Kickstarter campaign ...

Twitch Stream Highlights [0]

A highlight reel clipped from recent Twitch streams.

Ito Susumu Video Passes Half a Million Views! [0]

Milestone! For the first time, one of our videos has passed a half-million views!

Yokai Printing - Introducing Suga-san [0]

Video alert! Another process video is online...

Making some Chibi Prints - Part Two [0]

Part Two of the series showing the production stages of the Patreon Chibies ...

Making some Chibi Prints - Part Three [0]

Video alert! Part Three of the series showing the production of the Patreon Chibi prints is now done, and up on YouTube.

David's Choice - Episode #4 [1]

The next YouTube video ... 'Favourite Flowers of Japan'

David's Choice - Episode #4 Supplement [0]

It became clear last night that I should have included more images of the book that I featured in the new video I posted to YouTube yesterday - the "Favourite Flowers of Japan"

Ito Susumu Video Passes 100,000 Views! [0]

We reached an astonishing milestone a few days ago (astonishing for me, anyway). A video that I uploaded last summer

David's Choice video - episode #3 [2]

The next David's Choice video ...

Another New Doi Hanga Print [0]

New item in our catalogue today! Some of you may remember a test video I made a few months back, making a trial printing run of one of the old Doi Hanga Company block sets

NHK Broadcast Trailer [0]

The 'trailer' for this week's upcoming NHK broadcast is now online!

David's Choice video - episode #2 [0]

Next David's Choice video is ready ...

David's Choice comes to video ... [3]

David's Choice comes to video format!

Doi collaboration video - Part 9 [1]

The video of printing Lake Kawaguchi is now ready ...

Message to Studio Ghibli [5]

Hoping this video can be seen by the people at Ghibli who have say on licenses ...

Doi collaboration video - Part 8 [1]

The next Doi Hanga video is ready ...

Doi collaboration video - Part 7 [1]

The Matsushima print is ready!

Doi collaboration video - Part 6 [4]

Next video showing the printing progress on Matsushima is ready!

Doi collaboration video - Part 5 [2]

The next YouTube video is ready ...

Love child of Bob Ross and Jim Henson ... [3]

Comments about video comments ...

Doi Hanga collaboration video - Part 4 [3]

Video part 4 ... a print comes to life!

Doi Hanga collaboration - Part 3 [0]

Our next YouTube video ...

Next YouTube is up! [3]

New video ...

Ukiyoe Heroes Portraits - update video [0]

A video bringing an update on the upcoming Ukiyoe Heroes Portraits series ...

Great Wave video … part fourteen [0]

The next Great Wave video is ready ...

Great Wave video … part thirteen [7]

Nearly done with our Great Wave series!

Great Wave video - part twelve ... [5]

The next in the series ...

Great Wave video - part eleven ... [3]

The epic journey to make the Great Wave design continues ...

Great Wave video - part 8 ... [2]

Great Wave video, part eight

Great Wave video - part seven [4]

Great wave video, part seven

Great Wave video - part four [3]

Great Wave video, part four

Great Wave video … part three [5]

Great Wave video, part three

Work begins on 'The Great Wave' [2]

Work on the Great Wave print has begun ...

2018 summary [1]

A first look at last year's numbers ...

Doi-san's Book [1]

Doi-san brought in an English book about woodblock prints he co-authored!

Atelier Sento guests! [1]

Heads up! Dave will be joined on the live stream on Monday morning (Tokyo time) by a couple of guests from France who are currently here in Japan working on design projects.

Another Milestone ... [5]

Here are a few graphs showing how we have been growing this year!

Large Flea Market Prints [0]

Dave continues to find beautiful prints for the Flea Market.

Ayumi Ohashi Visited [4]

Our printer Ayumi Ohashi came for a visit to Mokuhankan, despite being on maternity leave. It was great to see her!

Construction Update June 28 2018 [0]

June is almost over, and our new shop is moving along very nicely!

Share Certificate Ships! [4]

The Share Certificates have now shipped ...

Share certificate printing [2]

Work continues on the Patreon Share Certificates ...

Share certificate progress ... [0]

Test printing for the upcoming Share Certificate issue ...

Grab bag ... [1]

A few random photos this evening ...

New (old) books! [1]

We have received a shipment of old books ...

Share in the fun ... [0]

At the one year mark of the Patreon campaign ...

Video interview [2]

A video interview from a few years back ...

First Paid Advertising in Mokuhankan History [0]

Asakusa Station on the Ginza Line near us has installed an enormous touch screen monitor with a map and detailed information and photos from 30 different shops in the area, and we are one of the 30!

Podcast Guesting ... [0]

I was asked a few weeks back to give a short interview for a podcast episode, and learned this morning that it is now 'on air'.

Some new Cherry Wood! [2]

Some photos and news about new cherry wood!

Secure server ... [0]

A quick note about a technical matter - we have just changed our hosting set-up, incorporating a 'secure server', and this means that our base URL now changes from http:// to https://

New Blog Software ... [9]

We have a new blog management system ...

Denpoin Gardens Spring 2018 [0]

For only a few weeks a year, Denpoin Gardens are open to the public... come take a look!

William Francis Visits Mokuhankan [0]

William Francis joins our printers in the printing room, getting some advice from David Bull and other staff as he gets to work printing ...

NHK Programme Featuring Dave coming up ... [0]

Hello! Cameron here. Last year in April, David Bull was in a program on NHK here in Japan called, "I love TOKYO - A Woodblock Artist in Asakusa".

Because it was so popular, it's getting run again ...

New Japanese Facebook Page and Shop [0]

Hello everyone! Cameron here. I just wanted to let you know that we have a new Japanese Facebook page ...

Skype Session with William and Jed [0]

This morning, Dave had a fun time Skyping with William Francis and Jed Henry ...

SoraNews24 Visit [0]

We got a great write-up today from the people over at SoraNews24

Bad news days ... [7]

We have good days ... and then sometimes, there are bad news days ...

Patreon Chibi Prints [0]

The Patreon Chibies are ready! - at least the initial printing batch is ...

Making some Chibi Prints - Part One [0]

New video! And it's 'real' work, not just talk!

Quick Update [0]

Quick update this morning - and no time for anything other than that. Why?

Asakusa shop progress ... [1]

With the first half of the year now past (the calendar year is also our financial year), I am getting a measure on how we are doing.

Kinosaki Onsen Travel Programme on All Nippon Airways [0]

Onsen in the sky! I've just learned that some of the NHK travel programs I have done are going to be included in the in-flight video programming

36 Views of Sizing [0]

It has been a very busy season for visitors at Mokuhankan, and among the recent guests was long-time collector of my work Jacques Commandeur, from The Netherlands

Back from Film Premiere [0]

Back from Toronto - and the preview of the film! It was really bizarre, sitting in the audience and seeing and hearing myself up there on that gigantic screen

On my way to Toronto! [0]

Our documentary will have its World Premiere tomorrow at the HotDocs Film Festival!

Business update - April 2017 [5]

We here at Mokuhankan have a kind of 'Mission Impossible' facing us at present: how to shift me away from my office and management chores, and get me back to the carving bench and YouTube work.

Lots of Visitors! [0]

It's a busy spring afternoon here in Asakusa ... no chance to get any work done - too many fun visitors! ...

20 Year Website Anniversary [0]

Suggestions, please! We have an interesting anniversary coming up - in the first week of July this year, my website will have been online for 20 years

Print by Jocelyn Gallon [0]

I got a surprise package in the post the other day - a print from Jocelyn Gallon, a young man in France who has been working on his first woodblock prints.

What are we doing ... [22]

I don't know ... should I post about this, or just let it go ...

Print Party video! [0]

A travel guide company here in Tokyo recently came over and made a short little video showing one of our Print Parties

How are we doing? Part three ... [6]

OK, here we go with the next instalment of our update, and as I mentioned in the previous post, we are encountering some major problems with our materials.

How are we doing? Part two ... [14]

Today's post is more difficult than yesterday's. We've got some problems here at Mokuhankan, and one of them in particular is pretty serious ...

How are we doing? Part one ... [1]

It's time for me to try and bring our fans/community up-to-date with some very important things happening here.


A nice story on the blog published by Square, our credit card processor ...

In Good Company ... [3]

An interesting exhibition chance!

Sad News ... [1]

Good-bye to a long-time friend and supporter ...

Kickstarter is open! [4]

The Autumn 2012 Kickstarter campaign is now up and running!

Video preparation ... [2]

Working on the Kickstarter video ...

Time for a change? [6]

Some changes in the way that I accept overseas payments ...

Hail Mary Update ... [2]

The Ukiyoe Heroes Kickstarter will open soon ...

Hail Mary - part 2 [16]

Introducing Jed Henry and his work ...

Hail Mary time ... [0]

Crunch time is here!

Visit to Mokuhankan - in the year 201x [1]

A vision of the future of Mokuhankan

Train Delay [0]

Good morning! Cameron here today. Japan is an interesting place!

30 years! [1]

Today - July 1 - is an anniversary day for me ...


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