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Out in left field ...

Posted by Dave Bull on September 20, 2018 [Permalink]

At one point in the course of a Print Party, we have to show the guests how to hold the paper, and then how to take the image with the baren, our rubbing tool.

We place the barens on the right-hand side of the block, because of course most of our guests find it easier to reach out with that hand ...

Not this group! Meet Patrick Loyer and family ... all sinistral!

You should have seen my face when I saw what was happening ... three people who could understand my left-handed demonstration!




Added by: Jennifer on October 20, 2018, 12:39 pm

Cool! I am a lefty too, but for whatever reason, find it more natural to use the baren in my right hand. Lefties are all unique! :)


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