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2018 summary

Posted by Dave Bull on January 1, 2019 [Permalink]

It's the morning of the 1st here in Tokyo ... As always, we're pretty up-to-date with the figures, because we do all our bookkeeping on custom software. Not all of the expense data from last week has been included yet, but anyway, I have the revenue side of the equation all ready.

It has been another year of astonishing growth. 2017 was 150% up over 2016, and it turns out that we have done the same thing again - 2018 was 155% up over 2017.

It was Asakusa (the purple part) that accounted for the largest part of the increase. Subscriptions held about steady - mostly because last year's series was so inexpensive, keeping the revenue down even though the number of prints going out was high. Online was up somewhat, and Heroes was up a lot.

You can get an idea of the seasonal nature of our business by looking at the data for just the Asakusa shop month-by-month, since it first opened back in autumn of 2014

Here's a pie of the online revenue breakdown ('tanpin' refers to single prints from our catalogue, and 'Numabe' is for the Yoshida prints, which we obtain through our printer Numabe-san, who prints most of them):

You'll notice that there are no 'Heroes' in that pie; all online sales of the main Heroes prints are handled by Jed directly, from his own studio.

And here's a similar breakdown for the Asakusa shop (we do have the Heroes prints here):

I think that the Asakusa pie in particular is very well balanced - showing that we have a very good variety of items in the shop. It's not too 'top heavy' on anything in particular.

Now sales <> profit of course, but I'll save that part for a bit later in the week, after I have all the expenses entered ...




Added by: VICTOR KRYLOV on January 3, 2019, 8:22 pm

Congrats, does this mean you've earned yourself a vacation?


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