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The Screenplay: Scene 10

Posted by Dave Bull on December 28, 2022 [Permalink]

John stood in the corner of the workshop, sweating nervously as he watched SHINJI and Mayu talking. He had never seen SHINJI so angry before.

SHINJI slammed his hand on the workbench. "I won't allow this! You can't be together!"

Mayu stepped forward, her voice trembling. "But Papa, we love each other."

SHINJI's face hardened. "Love?! You think I care about love? John is my apprentice and you are my daughter. This cannot be!"

John stepped forward. "I'm sorry, SHINJI. I didn't mean to disrespect you. I care for Mayu very much and I promise I will never do anything to harm her."

SHINJI stared at him for a long moment. Finally, his expression softened. "I know you mean well, John, but I still cannot allow this. You must leave the workshop. Today."

John felt a lump in his throat. He looked at Mayu and saw the tears in her eyes. He wanted to take her in his arms and tell her everything would be alright, but he knew SHINJI wouldn't allow it.

John nodded. "I understand. I will leave."

SHINJI sighed. "I'm sorry it has to be this way. I wish you both the best of luck."

John looked into Mayu's eyes and knew that no matter what happened, their love would never die.

* * *

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Added by: Dave on December 27, 2022

Speaking generally, I think the bot is doing extremely well at this job. We are not getting great literature, and the general mood seems to be something like a Harlequin romance (I guess), but perhaps that is indicative of what it has been 'reading'.

Each day, I simply prompt it with a precis of what it has produced so far (to try and help it stay consistent) but the new events are all created by the bot.

I am though, disappointed in the lack of actual printmaking work, and the growing focus on romance, etc. This is perhaps not surprising given what it 'knows about'. I think I'll amend tomorrow's prompt to try and get it back to the bench a bit more!

Stay tuned!


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