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Grand Tour ... (Part II ...)

Posted by Dave Bull at   6:52 AM, November 4, 2014 [Permalink]

Moving along with the tour ... let's insert here one of those photos from the previous post a few months back:

And here we are now:

At this point, I can mention that the owner of the building - a very elegant 'little old lady' type - visited us today, seeing her building for the first time since she leased it to us. She has had no idea at all what we were actually up to, and when she got to this point, her face just lit up. (And well it should - we've basically made her a 'present' of around $35,000 ...)

Anyway, moving right along!

The panel on the right hand side of the wall - directly where people who are in the shop area will see it - is the HangaClub display:

And if we look to the left, through the new opened up wall, we can see into the shop itself:

My cheap little camera can't handle the contrasts in lighting here, but you get the idea - these are the browsing bins for the prints, of course.

As promised all the way along, there is a small 'light stand' next to the bins, where people can place the prints to see then under 'proper' (horizontal) illumination. It's not actually as bright as it looks in this bad photo ...

The prints look just great!

Turning around, we see the other end of the shop, and I have to apologize that this corner is not yet ready. We're actually using it as our own space (register, etc.) at the moment, but over the next week, we will build the 'Living with Woodblock Prints' browsing section - subscription series, albums, etc. etc.)

Behind it - at the end of the hallway, is where the staff - and shop manager - will have their own space (also still under construction):

This next one you've seen before, but now it's all cleaned up and polished, and ready for action. See the panel above the paper rolls? Instructions! (Shop manager Ishikawa-san thinks I've gone overboard with those, but all I did was explain quite tersely, the functions of the first group of buttons. I ignored all the rest ...) (I'll post the text in the comments section below ...)

And as for the 'back room' - the printer's workshop - we're not even close. All the 'furniture' is there, but it's now waiting for myself and Lee-san to put it together. Maybe next week we'll have a better picture for you!

Actually, by next week we'll have to have a better picture. Next Sunday/Monday will be the 'Open House' days (invitations are going out tomorrow), so we have no choice but to get it done by then ...

Sleep? Never touch the stuff!

After I took these photos, it was time to head home, so I went to the front door, and switched the sign to the 'closed' position (sticking it to more velcro tape on the inside of the glass:

And then left the street to the night hawks and the jeweler ...

Thanks for watching ...




Added by: Dave Bull on November 4, 2014 7:25 AM

As mentioned above, here are the toilet instructions ...

Toilet Control

Don't Panic! This toilet works in a completely normal way, although of course it also has a number of extra functions. Here's how it works ...

Flushing: Flushing is automatic (if you have been sitting down). About ten seconds after you stand up, the system will flush. If you had been sitting down for less than 50 seconds, it will do a 'small' flush. If you took more time than that, it will do a 'large' flush. (If you sat down for less than ten seconds, it won't do anything.)

You can also trigger a flush anytime, by using the two buttons at the top of the panel: 'Small Flush' on the left, and 'Large Flush' on the right.

Bidet Functions: The three large buttons in the center of the panel control these. The one on the left is the 'Stop' button. Water spray will stop, and the nozzles will return to their home position.

The center button triggers the 'Bum Washer' (as you can see from the icon). Pressing it once will initiate the water spray. The two buttons immediately below the center button control the strength of the spray (gentle, medium, strong). While you are washing, if you press the main Bum Washer button once more, it will initiate the 'Rhythm' mode for the spray. Bum washing stops automatically after two minutes, but can be re-started by pressing the button once more.

The right button triggers the 'Bidet' spray (marked with a 'ladies' icon). Strength of the spray is controlled by the two buttons below the Bum Washer. There is no 'Rhythm' mode for this spray. As with the Bum Washer, it will stop after two minutes, but can be re-started.

Water temperature: This is controlled by the small button at the bottom right of the panel. Pressing it repeatedly will cycle between the four settings: Off (no heating), Low (33 degrees), Medium (37 degrees), High (40 degrees).

Seat temperature: This is controlled by the small button second from the right at the bottom right of the panel. Pressing it repeatedly will cycle between the four settings: Off (no heating), Low (34 degrees), Medium (38 degrees), High (40 degrees).

Odor control: The 'odor remover' fan system will operate whenever you are seated (and for a short time after you stand up), but if you feel that you need more 'power', press the little button just below and to the left of the large Stop button, and the fan pressure will increase. Pressing it again will return to the normal setting. (The instruction manual notes that this is 'not guaranteed to remove all odors from the room ...)

Toilet Paper: Please be reasonable in the amount of toilet paper you use. As with most modern toilets, this one is designed to minimize the amount of water used, so if there is a very large quantity of paper, etc. in the bowl, the flush may not be adequate. If you need to use a lot of paper, then please flush the first batch away before it builds up too much.

That's it!  All the other buttons are for such things as system programming, and electricity save mode, so you don't need to mess with them. Have fun!

Added by: Anita Cage on November 4, 2014 7:41 AM

I want one!

Added by: Slawik on November 5, 2014 3:41 AM

Amazing! The (almost) final result is truly amazing!

I love the HangaClub thing! I have a little question concerning the 月明かりの梅 (Plum Blossoms in Moonlight) print though: On the picture I can see it is not displayed as shown on your website. Is there a "proper" way to display it (landscape or portrait)?

When I received this print several months ago, I couldn't figure it out! The inscription on the page would have me display it horizontally, but I really loved the way it was shown on the web...

Anyway, great job and nice pics! ;)

Added by: Dave Bull on November 5, 2014 9:42 PM

Slawik, the vertical version is the 'original', although I cropped it from a larger print. But if you ask six people which way it should go ... you get six different answers ... :-)

Added by: Slawik on November 5, 2014 11:16 PM

Thanks Dave! I'm sorry: I had not seen the note on your website!

Added by: julio on November 6, 2014 3:07 AM

Photos are great, really good for capturing the overall feeling of the place, have you had many visitors stopping by yet ?
Also noticed in the toilet photo; either paper rolls are quite small in Japan or the toilet is getting lots of use LOL !

Added by: Dave on November 6, 2014 8:32 AM

Julio, we're very happy with the way things have gone so far! I'm way too busy to be able to write a post about it right now, but will try and post something as soon as I can. (But a quick update would have to include the little nugget that after four days of being open, we have already 'covered' our rent for next month … even including the staff costs we incurred to get that revenue …)

As for the toilet paper … hey, you don't need any with this machine, remember!

Added by: Margaret Maloney on November 7, 2014 4:38 AM

I am so thrilled that business has been so good! Huzzah!


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