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YouTube persistence ...

Posted by Dave Bull on July 4, 2021 [Permalink]

Over the next few days after uploading a new video, I usually watch the background stats that YouTube provides. They give way more information that I can possibly use or care about, but the basic information on view counts at least is certainly fun to peruse.

During that few days, it is usually the case that it is the newest video 'on top' of the rankings. Quite a number of subscribers to the channel watch it right away, so this propels the new one to number one spot.

But this time around, things are a bit different. The new video - the POV one showing all the stages of me making a print - is indeed popular, but it has been eclipsed by one of the older videos on the channel.

Yes, in what is no surprise to long-time viewers here, the 'Remembering a Carver' video is still holding its own in the little 'competition' for top spot ... even after more than five years!

I certainly hadn't planned it, but it's beginning to look possible that Ito-san's 'saved from the cutting room floor' video clips will perhaps be the thing that most lives on after I'm gone ...




Added by: Karsten Scholten on August 1, 2021

Really interesting to see, though it is important to not forget that old videos drive people to your new videos! As you said, Ito-san may be more remembered than you, but you will be remembered more than if Ito-san would not have been talked about! A win-win situation. Really enjoy your videos, David!


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