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Chibi work ...

Posted by Dave Bull at 2:58 AM, June 26, 2013 [Permalink]

A very full day of work here, with three of the printing benches in use all day, plus my own carving work. Something a bit unusual today though ... Here's a quick photo of Tsushima-san working on the current batch of Chibi Heroes:

And here's Dave, in the next room, doing the same thing:

Not just doing the same thing - working on Chibi Heroes - but working on the same print!

That's an indication of just how jammed our schedule is right now. I finished the key block first, as always, and then began carving the colour blocks, but the deadline is so tight that the printing staff can't just sit around waiting until I get the block set finished; printing has already begun.

This is 'living dangerously' of course; to start edition printing without proofing the block set is not 'recommended'. We're either pretty confident ... or pretty foolish!

Bit of both, I guess!




Added by: Dave on June 26, 2013 8:17 AM

Main reason for the 'panic' is the extra job we are all working on at present - the 'top secret' project for Jed. This won't be secret for much longer, as I believe he is going public around the beginning of next month, in anticipation of the opening of his new Kickstarter project in August.

You might ask why we here at Mokuhankan are involved with another Kickstarter when we are still far from finished the work we promised in the previous one last year, and at this point I can simply reply that we're not actually involved. This isn't to be a woodblock Kickstarter, but something completely different.

But Jed didn't want to leave us out in the cold this time around, because supporting this craft is something he still has a strong interest in, even when looking in another direction, so he/we figured out a way to rope us in this time too ...

Stay tuned for further developments - and excuse me while I get a bit of practice ... Kick left! ... Thrust! ... Kick Right! ... Jump! ... Jump!


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