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First steps ...

Posted by Dave Bull at   4:52 AM, June 16, 2014 [Permalink]

Some of the fans/followers have been asking in emails about the Asakusa project. I'm still not at the point where I can run up the flags and make the announcement of the plans and schedule; that will have to wait until I can see my vermillion 'signature' on the main lease contract. But you can bet that we're not sitting still while waiting until that happens!

Opening our new shop is going to require a huge amount of planning and preparation, and this is well under way. Something that I have struggled with in recent years is what sort of software to use for general project planning. I have tried various outlining and charting programs designed specifically for project planning, but have never been able to make any of them 'work'. This time, I'm going to try something else - something that I know will do the job for me!

Yes - index cards and a little binder for them ... very high tech, indeed!

Here's the basic tool set:

The 200+ cards of the initial set are now filed in a binder, separated into fifteen categories. There will be more cards - and perhaps more categories - to come later, I'm sure, but this will do for a start. A couple of other essential items visible here are the calculator and the little voice recorder. That item lives in my shirt pocket, and works for me far better than trying to make notes on paper. I sit down with it once a day or so, play back what I have memoed into it, and at that point put the information where it belongs.




Added by: Matt A. on June 17, 2014 2:29 PM

That's dedication there... Two good tools that I recently started using for project planing are www.trello.com and www.asana.com.


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