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The video is ready!

Posted by Dave Bull on May 5, 2020 [Permalink]




Added by: Marius Stanz on May 7, 2020

Hello Dave

I stumbled upon your youtube videos when I googled on how Japanese prints are made, I was captivated and enthralled by the way these artworks (that’s what I call them) are created, I was surprised to see how many impressions some of these prints undergo to completion! I learned a lot from your videos.

What I actually want to say is: thank you so much for showing us snippets from those video tapes you have, which I saw in one of your Youtube videos – in that same white plastic bag – from the expression on your face in the video footage it is so clear that you were absorbing in everything you could from what the master carver Ito-san showed you. Furthermore I think it was a wonderful compliment to you, entrusting some of his carving tools to you by his widow, since you proved that you were not one of those fleeting persons visiting the master’s studio and went off never to be heard from again! You are, in effect helping to preserve the art form so much associated with Japan. Good work Dave.

To end: my name is on the waiting list for a copy of the Great wave of Kanagawa, I am all excited and patiently waiting to hear news when my copy is ready, thank you.

Much success wished upon the work created in your studio.


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