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Carving progress ...

Posted by Dave Bull on February 5, 2019 [Permalink]

It wasn't part of our original plan for me to carve this one, but we're kind of struggling to keep up with all the work here these days, so I had to step in to do some carving work on this year's subscription series.

Here's the freshly completed key block, on the bench under the carving light:

A few minutes before that photo, the block looked like this - you can still see the remnants of the design tracing on the surface of the wood:

But a few seconds under running water at the sink takes care of that ...

... and it comes clean:

The next step will be to make colour transfer sheets, and get started on the (7) colour blocks. Here's the Photoshop mockup that I received from Jed-san, to guide that part of the work:





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