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Patreon Chibi Prints

Posted by Dave Bull on August 24, 2017 [Permalink]

The Patreon Chibies are ready! - at least the initial printing batch is ... We've started off with a run of 200 sheets, and they came to my desk for checking yesterday afternoon. They are very nicely done, and I think the backers will be very pleased. Next step will be to separate the two designs, and prepare the first one (the summer tree image) for shipping to the backers.




Added by: Eugene Brailovsky on June 25, 2020

These prints are beautiful. How can i order them?

Added by: Dave on June 27, 2020

We don't sell those prints separately, I'm sorry. But we've been continuing the 'tradition' of producing 'Chibi' prints for our Patreons, and you can learn about it on the Patreon website. Thanks for the interest!


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