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The Screenplay: Scene 20

Posted by Dave Bull on January 21, 2023 [Permalink]

[Dave: perhaps because of the lengthy gap since our previous episode, I was logged out from the openai site. After getting back in, I found that the Bot seemed to have forgotten about our story, so I tried to create a 'catch-up' prompt to get back on track, giving it: "John is a foreigner living in Japan with his partner Mayu, and making woodblock prints. He has experienced many difficulties: trouble getting a visa to stay in the country, bad reviews at exhibitions of his prints, and rejection by Mayu's father, who is a famous printmaker. He and Mayu are discussing their future together. Create their conversation. Include something that will take this story in a new direction."]

John: Mayu, I'm so worried about our future. I don't know if I can stay in Japan, or if I'll ever be able to make a living from my prints.

Mayu: We'll find a way. I won't let anything keep us apart. Even if my father won't accept us, I believe in you and your work.

John: That's so kind of you, but I still feel like there's something else I need to do. I want to use my woodblock prints to help others.

Mayu: What do you mean?

John: I want to use my prints to raise awareness about social issues and help people affected by poverty. I think that would give my work more purpose.

Mayu: That's a great idea. We could use the money we make from exhibitions to fund charitable projects. With our combined skills, we could make a real difference.

* * *

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