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The Screenplay: Scene 19

Posted by Dave Bull on January 12, 2023 [Permalink]

The prompt to the Bot: A lawyer is having a conversation with an officer in the Japanese Immigration Bureau. The lawyer wants his client (an apprentice traditional woodblock printmaker) to be allowed to stay in Japan, but the officer wants to 'play by the rules' and disallow this. The lawyer needs to convince the officer. Show their conversation.

Lawyer: "My client is an apprentice traditional woodblock printmaker from outside of Japan and he has been trying to get a long-term visa to stay in the country and further his craft. He has a lot of potential and I believe he could become a great asset to the Japanese traditional art scene."

Officer: "I understand, but unfortunately, he does not meet the requirements for a long-term visa. We have to play by the rules here."

Lawyer: "Yes, I understand the rules, but I believe there are extenuating circumstances in this case. My client has a deep passion for Japanese traditional art and is willing to dedicate his life to learning and mastering the craft. He is eager to become part of the community and contribute to the art scene. I think it would be a great loss for Japan if he were not allowed to stay and further his craft."

Officer: "I understand, but we still need to follow the rules."

Lawyer: "I understand, but I believe this would be a great opportunity for Japan to benefit from his skills and knowledge. He has already established himself in the field and is highly respected by his peers. I think it would be a great loss for Japan if he were not able to stay and contribute to the art scene."

Officer: "I see what you mean, and I understand your argument. I will see what I can do to make an exception in this case."

* * *

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Added by: Dave on January 12, 2023

Something else for readers to keep in mind - I prepared that prompt, copied it into the text box for the Bot to read, and clicked 'Submit'.

The 'conversation' then instantly started streaming into the window, word by word, line by line. A couple of seconds later, there it was.

If you were playing 'lawyer' here, what arguments would you martial to present to the officer ... and how long would it take you?

I kind of 'get' computers. I have been using them since the late 1970s, and have a pretty good understanding of how they work I think. But the amount (and quality) of the computation going on here is kind of stunning ...


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