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Kamisuki proofing ...

Posted by Dave Bull on February 21, 2016 [Permalink]

What are these three people so intently interested in?

This! It's proofing time for the 'new' set of blocks for the 'mashup' Hashiguchi Goyo / Hatsune Miku design!

Carver Chung-san, his partner and printer Rei-chan, and our staff printer Kanai-san (on the left) spent most of the day today going over the block set and testing different colour combinations, etc.

I said 'new' blocks, but what is that about? Didn't that couple bring a finished set of blocks a few weeks ago?

Well, yes they did, but those blocks had a huge problem. They are magnolia wood, not cherry, also very thin, and also carved on both sides. This 'triple punch' put us out of business. When I started to do a test session with the couple a while back, the key block started to 'dance' within a few seconds of being moistened for printing. This total lack of stability simply makes the block set useless.

But we had a way forward. Two of the blocks had nothing carved on the back, so I proposed that we get out some glue and laminate these to a sturdy piece of plywood. As for the two blocks that were carved on both sides, we could sacrifice one side each, and bond them to plywood in the same manner. Chung-san could get to work and re-carve the two sacrificed sides.

So we did ...


Because Kanai-san can't do a full day's work at present (we'll explain later) the proofing wasn't completed today. They'll be back at it sometime soon, and I'll update you then!

And just because it came out so nicely, here's a shot of Kanai-san during the work ...





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