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Sad News ...

Posted by Dave Bull at   8:50 AM, December 14, 2014 [Permalink]

I have some unhappy news to report today. Long-time collector/friend Anita Cage from New Orleans has passed away, at 80.

I mention this here, because she has been a frequent commenter on these Conversations over the years, and some of the regular visitors may remember her name from reading some of these.

I'm not sure how much she would want me to write about this, but I certainly see no problem in mentioning a few things about my experience with her. It kind of goes without saying that she was a steady supporter of my work when it came to ordering prints; she not only basically took everything I made for the past decade or so, she made multiple purchases to give prints away to her friends and acquaintances.

But it was her open friendship, and willingness to contribute her thoughts and suggestions about my work that made it a pleasure to see her name in my email Inbox any given morning. She not only posted thoughtful commentary here on the blog, but she gave me plenty privately too, especially if she was concerned that her comments might possibly have been considered as 'criticism'.

I didn't know much about her personal life, but after reading some of the material that has been posted about her on the internet this week, it seems that I was very lucky that such a friendly and supportive person came to develop an interest in supporting my activities. Have a look a this online obituary … and this thread from the MetaFilter group, where the members learned of her passing. She was clearly a very special lady.

I am of course very saddened to hear that she is gone, but am very happy to have known her. I wish she would have given us a better chance to say 'good-bye' properly, but I understand why she did not feel able to do that ...




Added by: Margaret Maloney on December 14, 2014 2:50 PM

She is sorely missed.


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