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Key block done!

Posted by Dave Bull at 8:17 PM, August 24, 2013 [Permalink]

And ... the key block to the Yokai print is done!

It shouldn't have taken me a full week since the last image I showed you, but in that time I also carved the key and colours for another pair of our Chibi Heroes, because that deadline is coming closer day by day ... the ladies here are expecting to begin printing that one from Monday.

Hmm ... we don't usually expose the Chibi designs before the shipping date, but I think we can safely put this one here ... this blog is pretty quiet these days, and I don't think many people are watching (don't tell Jed I showed this to you!) Here's the key block, at the point where it is ready to wash off for test printing:

The enlargement here is quite large, so have a click and see ... You can see one place where I misread the woodgrain and ended up gouging out a bit too deeply, exposing the underlayers of the plywood construction. The yamazakura (mountain cherry) is about 4.5mm thick, which is usually enough that I never see the underlayer ...





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