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Life of the Party!

Posted by Dave Bull at   7:40 PM, August 21, 2014 [Permalink]

A nice bit of news yesterday - the Kickstarter people have made us a 'Staff Pick' feature on their website!

Now that news about our planned Print Parties has been floating around the internet for a few weeks, and especially with the opening of the Kickstarter campaign, we're beginning to get feedback on the concept.

We ourselves feel that these Parties are going to be interesting and fun, and that they have the potential to become a 'must see, must do' item on many people's list when they visit Tokyo, but what are other people saying?

Well, here's a selection from comments over the past couple of days ...

  • Awesome! Just wrapped up a two-week Japan trip on the 31st, wish this were there then! (Just another excuse for the next trip!)
  • This is mucho awesome. We'll be sure to visit next year!
  • We need to go to this when we finally go to Japan!
  • Cool! I'm hoping it will be ready next time I go there
  • Adding to my list of things to do on one of my short trips to Tokyo on holiday weekends or what-have-you. Excited that I'll be living so close!
  • Cheering for you guys! I'll support and visit the shop.
  • This is great, another place to visit!
  • Great news! I always spend a day in Asakusa whenever I visit Tokyo. I will surely visit the shop when I have the chance!
  • Oh man...this is the best. I'm obligated to go when I get to Japan
  • I'm looking forward to joining your Print Party !
  • here's to hoping that I can arrange a work trip to Japan sometime in the future, haha....

I'm beginning to think that we might be onto something here!

Once we get the main core of our construction done, and have something physical to show people, we're going to be starting a major P/R blast among travel websites (and of course the general media).

(Are we going to need crowd-control outside the front door once we get up and running?)




Added by: JBantha on August 21, 2014 11:04 PM

you kinda missing the link to kickstarter on this entry.


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