View of Mt. Fuji from Nihonbashi


View of Mt. Fuji from Nihonbashi
Print   (Part of the set: Masterpiece Ukiyo-e Collection - Part 2)

Keisai Eisen


Print is Public Domain; Photography is:   Creative Commons License


Showing a scenic view from Nihonbashi in Edo (Tokyo) to Mt. Fuji, this ōban (large size) print is one from an unnamed series by Eisen of landscapes framed with letters from the Dutch alphabet (or letters which simply looked like they could belong to the Dutch alphabet). Versions of the monogram of the VOC (Dutch East India Company) can also be seen in the frame.

Edo castle appears on the right in the background, towering high, and Mt. Fuji looms over neighbouring mountains on the left. The use of black pigment on the bridges, mountains, and people to suggest shadows shows the influence of Western art techniques in this print. The original print was probably produced in the 1830-40s.

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