Umewaka Shrine in the Snow


Umewaka Shrine in the Snow
Print   (Part of the set: Masterpiece Ukiyo-e Collection - Part 2)

Utagawa Kunitora


Print is Public Domain; Photography is:   Creative Commons License


This print, also known as "Perspective Picture: A Drawing of Umewaka Shrine on the Sumida River in the Snow", is from an untitled series by Kunitora published in the 1820s. The prints in this series have titles containing the word uki-e - a genre of images (usually woodblock prints) that integrated elements of Western linear perspective. Despite the use of this term in the title, this print remains fairly traditional in its depiction of a landscape, not showing the dramatic "Western perspective" evident in other examples of uki-e.

The layout of this print, and the other prints in the series, seems to mimic an e-maki (illustrated handscroll); the title on the right is made to look like the title written on the outside of a scroll, and the illustration to look like one scene in the unfurled scroll. The use of the traditional finger-like clouds is also a feature of early picture scrolls and nara-ehon picture books.

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