Selected Works by Hiroshige


Selected Works by Hiroshige
Print set

O-Edo Mokuhansha


Print is Public Domain; Photography is:   Creative Commons License


Consisting of reproductions of 25 of Hiroshige's lesser-known prints, this set was given the English title "Rare Publication: Selected Works by Hiroshige" by the publisher, O-Edo Mokuhansha. O-Edo made numerous reproductions of prints by famous artists in the 1960-80s and sold them in sets. We have another set of so-called "rare publications" by the same publisher in our collection, which you can see here.

As Dave notes in his description of the above set:

"When these sets come onto the market today (their original purchasers having for the most part passed away), they are frequently encountered with at least one print missing. The original idea for these sets was to keep a frame in the room, and 'rotate' the prints through it regularly. But decades later - when the set was being sold off - nobody would realize that there was a print 'up on the wall' that should be re-united with its partners ..."

Our set, however, has fortuitously escaped this fate; it includes all 25 prints, most of which depict landscapes or kacho (birds and flowers).

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