Hiroshige Tanzaku Series


Hiroshige Tanzaku Series
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The tanzaku in this set, designed by Hiroshige and probably originally printed between 1830 and 1844, were reproduced by Takamizawa in the 1970s. Many of Hiroshige's tanzaku are kachō-ga, illustrations of birds and flowers, while less often they feature landscapes. While in the Edo period tanzaku prints almost always included a classical poem that somehow reflected or interacted with the image portrayed, a few of the reproduction prints in this set have been printed without poems. The format of tanzaku allowed artists to show off their design skills by requiring them to arrange a poem with other elements in an aesthetically pleasing way on a small canvas. A variety of printing techniques including bokashi gradation and kara-zuri blind-embossing were often used in these prints, adding to their beauty as "snapshots" of nature.

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