Pair of Pheasants


Pair of Pheasants
Print   (Part of the set: Akashi-ban Surimono)

Kubo Shunman


Print is Public Domain; Photography is:   Creative Commons License


In this print Shunman depicts two pheasants by a flowering bush. The print was designed by Shunman for the Fuyōren, a poetry club based in Shimotsuke Province (now Tochigi Prefecture). The print is from a set of seven prints made by Shunman for the group, titled Yamagawa Shimotsuke Kanuma Fuyō-ren kachō shichi-ban tsuzuki no uchi (山側下毛鹿沼芙蓉連, 花鳥七番續の内, "Seven Bird-and-Flower Prints for the Fuyōren of Kanuma in Shimotsuke Province").

Kimedashi, an embossing technique produced by pushing the back of the paper down into recessions carved into the block, has been used on the body and tail of one of the pheasants. The front side of the sheet is thus raised up slightly, and the print is actually turned into a (very shallow) bas relief object. There are limits as to how far this can be carried without tearing the paper, but even a shallow kimedashi can be very effective.

Dave included this print in his RichMedia eBook - David's Choice, Book 1 - a few years ago, and we have included his audio commentary here (link opens a 5:37 minute .mp3 file).

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