Sudden Shower over Ohashi Bridge


Sudden Shower over Ohashi Bridge
Print   (Part of the set: Nature and Landscape Collection)

O-Edo Mokuhansha


Print is Public Domain; Photography is:   Creative Commons License


This is a reproduction of one of the more popular designs in Hiroshige's series: 名所江戸百景 (100 Famous Scenes of Edo), seven of which are included in this set.

It is one of the most iconic of Japanese traditional prints, and Takamizawa knew how to end their reproduction series with a hit!


Staff comment (I.S.): This bridge is "O-hashi" built over the Sumida river. In the Edo era there were only 4 bridges and people must have had to walk a long way to cross.

At the top of the image you can see a very wide and irregular gradation which requires high level printing technique. This creates an oppressive mood and adds depth to the scene.

The two ladies have lifted up the top layer of their kimono - showing red underclothing - and cannot fully open their paper umbrellas, giving us an indication of the strength of the wind and rain.

The men too, have lifted the back edge of their kimono to protect it from the rain, tucking it into the waist belt.

We see ladies wearing 'geta' clogs, and a man in the middle wearing 'waraji' straw sandals. What caught my eye was the number of people running in bare feet!

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