Snow on Mt. Haruna


Snow on Mt. Haruna
Print   (Part of the set: Nature and Landscape Collection)

O-Edo Mokuhansha


Print is Public Domain; Photography is:   Creative Commons License


Description: A reproduction of the vertical ōban print "Snow on Mt. Haruna", the 26th print from Hiroshige's "Famous Places in the Sixty-odd Provinces of Japan" (Dai Nihon Rokujuyoshu Meisho Zue) series, originally published around 1853 by Koshimuraya Heisuke (also known as Koshihei). The cartouche reads 上野 榛名山 雪中 ("Kozu Haruna-san Sechuu"). Kozu Province was the name used for the area now known as Gunma Prefecture.

A wide bokashi (gradation) technique is used in the sky, background and several spots of the streams of water. The small red building standing alone in the center of the image is Haruna-temple, a noted pilgrimage destination.

In this snow-covered scene a man is crossing the red bridge built between the steep mountains. On the left we see two people who seem to be returning from the temple.

Staff comment: The man and the others must have met at the edge of the bridge, and I wonder what kind of conversation they exchanged. Considering the culture in those days in Japan, my guess is no words were uttered, and they simply bowed to each other as they passed! (S.I.)

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