The Mokuhankan Collection


Okane from Omi Province
Print   (Part of the set: Masterpiece Ukiyo-e Collection - Part 2)

Utagawa Kuniyoshi


Print is Public Domain; Photography is:   Creative Commons License


Kuniyoshi uses techniques influenced by Western artworks in this print featuring the brave Okane, a famous courtesan of Omi Province who stopped a rampaging horse by stepping on its reins, bringing it under control. The use of different tones to emphasise shadows is particularly notable as a technique adopted by Kuniyoshi from Western art. The bokashi gradation used in the twisting clouds is also striking. It seems, in fact, that for this print Kuniyoshi used an image of a horse from a copperplate engraving of the story of the horse and the lion in an edition of "Fables d'Esope" ("Aesop's Fables") published in Paris in 1810 (see: 'Additional Images' tab). A description of the relevant story is here.

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