Clearing Weather at Awazu


Clearing Weather at Awazu
Print   (Part of the set: Eight Views of Omi)

Ando Hiroshige


Print is Public Domain; Photography is:   Creative Commons License


Text from the publisher's pamphlet:

The foreground shows a pine-bordered road on the lake shore, and there are several travelers on the road (including one riding in a palanquin). The circular sweep of the lake extends to the right. The rooftops of a town are shown at the extreme left. On the other side of the lake, towering mountains rise behind a row of foot-hills; these are depicted in complex color gradations - black, grey, brown, and white reserve. The clearing sky is white, graded to blue at the top of the print.

Hiroshige succeeds here in expressing the idea of 'clearing weather' by a set of extremely subtle - but very simple - devices. The storm that has passed is suggested by the massed black shapes of pines in the foreground and by the black mountain, partially hidden in white haze, in the distance. The clearing weather is conveyed by the blue of the sky and the blue water.

The poem, freely translated, reads as follows: The wind drives away the storm clouds and scatters them, and the white sails of a hundred boats come flying to Awazu.

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