Descending Geese at Katata


Descending Geese at Katata
Print   (Part of the set: Eight Views of Omi)

Ando Hiroshige


Print is Public Domain; Photography is:   Creative Commons License


Text from the publisher's pamphlet:

Two great flights of wild geese are shown descending from high overhead in the sky. In the foreground are three fishing boats, and other boats are shown in the distance at the right. Across the lake are silhouetted shapes of trees in black and grey. Two sprawling mountains are shown beyond - horizontal masses drawn in a jagged, abstract style. The nearer range of mountains is depicted in graded grey and green; the range beyond in black and grey.

Liberally rendered, the poem reads as follows: After crossing many mountain ranges, the wild geese alight at Katada for a rest before continuing their long flight north.

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