Evening Glow at Seta


Evening Glow at Seta
Print   (Part of the set: Eight Views of Omi)

Ando Hiroshige


Print is Public Domain; Photography is:   Creative Commons License


Text from the publisher's pamphlet:

The reaches of the lake extend from one side of the design to the other, flanked by the low shore at the left, and by the mountains rising from the other shore at the right. The long trestle bridge of Seta crosses the lake diagonally in the foreground. In the distance at the right, a tall mountain peak is shown, with a band of drifting white haze in front and a small horizontal streaks of white cloud behind. The lake is depicted in a complex set of gradations and streaking - white, black, clear blue, and dark blue-green.

Seta is noted for its long bridge - actually two bridges joined by a small island. The longer span is 192 feet, the shorter 46 feet. Traditionally, the view at sunset from this bridge was considered very fine, and even today people go there to enjoy the spectacle of the sun setting behind the distant hills.

The poem, freely translated, reads as follows: Soft and fitful rain passes far away over the mountains; the light of the setting sun streams along the bridge at Seta.

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