Returning Sails at Yabase


Returning Sails at Yabase
Print   (Part of the set: Eight Views of Omi)

Ando Hiroshige


Print is Public Domain; Photography is:   Creative Commons License


Text from the publisher's pamphlet:

In the foreground the shore of Lake Biwa is depicted, with willow trees, center, and a group of houses, right. Out on the lake are two groups of boats, one far out at the right, the other closer in at the left. Two boats with sails being lowered are approaching the anchorage at Yabase, lower right, where four other boats are at rest.

On the far side of the lake, the great hulk of a mountain (in graded grey and black) rises above a long row of black foot-hills. The sky is ablaze in the sunset, with yellow graded into reddish orange at the top. A zigzag set of drifting clouds is shown in the sky behind the large mountain.

The poem in the square cartouche reads as follows: The boats are returning from afar to Yabase, sped on their homeward course by a tail wind.

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