Mokuhankan Spring 2024 Ukiyo-e Matsuri!

Affordable woodblock prints, new and old ...

It has been half a year since our previous Flea Market 'Matsuri', and staff member Aya Watanabe has again unearthed many interesting prints to add to the selection in this section of our online catalogue.

Are you going to find an 'original' Hokusai-era Great Wave in our selection here? No, of course not. We are not print 'dealers' involved in that kind of market. Simply we keep our eyes open for nicely made prints at reasonable prices and pick them up where we can. Some we keep for our own (small) collection, but most of them go into our Flea Market ...

We hope you will find something here interesting and worth collecting. We have prepared this special page so that you can easily select the one(s) you want, and we have taken a set of high-resolution photographs of these prints to help you choose.

Thank you for your interest!

Dave Bull, Mokuhankan

What kind of prints do we have this time around? They fall into a few basic categories:



No matter what the era, producing prints of beautiful women was always high in the priorities of the publishers. In the days before magazines and movies, the prints served as 'fashion plates', letting women of all social classes learn about the latest trends and clothing styles.



In a time before the invention of powered vehicles, travel around the country was of course difficult and not something available to most people. But there was huge interest in 'far-off places' and the publishers fed this with a steady stream of landscape designs, both imaginary, and realistic.



The genre known as kacho-ga ('flower-bird' pictures) was another mainstay of the woodblock print world. Frequently incorporating poetic references, and always seasonal ones, such designs closed matched Japanese aesthetic sensibilities.


General interest


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