Scenes from Nature

A new subscription series from Dave Bull's Mokuhankan

Classical Ukiyo-e!

For the 2021 subscription series, Dave Bull's Mokuhankan workshop in Asakusa, Tokyo, is going to 'change the mood'. The prints this time around will be reproductions, and for the source, the team is going to dip back in time just about 250 years, to the 1770s.

All of the designs will be from the brush of the same designer - Isoda Koryusai. Although not well-remembered these days, Koryusai was influential in his own day, and extremely prolific. We are selecting from among the hundreds of kacho-e (nature prints) he created, to make a series that will showcase his work in that genre.

The word 'kacho-e' literally means 'flower-bird-pictures', but we are not going to take it quite so literally. Korusai's work covered a wide range of creatures, both real and mythical, and we'll see both types during the year.

The prints will all be in vertical format, 14 x 21 cm (approximately 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches) - the traditional koban size.

We hope you will join us as we bring Koryusai's work back to life in this series!

The Set of Prints ...

Special Update:

We are sorry, but the 'Scenes from Nature' set is now fully subscribed (our current limit of 200 people). We do intend to make more of these prints, as the block set is completely capable of it, but we simply don't have enough printers on staff here at present to make the prints in 'real time', month by month during the year. Once we get the resources figured out, we will make more prints available; thank you for your patience!

If you would like to be notified when the next batch is ready, please let us know through the Contact Page. (Note that most of the other sets are available ...)



"How do I store my prints? How can I display them? Do I need to buy frames?" are some of the questions we receive about our subscription print sets, and after much experimentation and research, we have the answer to all those questions in one neat package - our combination storage/display box (shown at the top of this page).

The box is an optional purchase - typically ordered together with the first print in the set, but also available later as an 'add-on' option. Each box has room for the complete set of 12 prints in this series, and incorporates a display stand with acrylic dustcover. Rotate the prints frequently (and don't place it where direct sunlight will fall on the print surface), and you have the perfect solution for both long-term storage, and daily enjoyment of your collection! Here is a page with more photos and complete information.


If you are concerned about how safe the prints might be while being shipped to you, please have a look at how our shipping/packaging works!

The Mokuhankan update video that introduced the series:

We hope you will consider collecting this interesting set of prints!