Display Case

(Portraits / Legendary Loot / Japan Journey)

Please take a look at these photos showing the latest iteration of our case design, and - if you would like one of these cases for your print set just select the option on the subscription form, or (if you are already a subscriber), you can write to Mokuhankan using the Contact link below, and the charge can be added to your next print invoice.

The Case

The cases are made for us by a specialty box maker down in Mie Prefecture. They are made from Japanese kiri (paulownia) - a light and strong wood traditionally used for kimono storage drawers because of its inherent insect resistance - and then rubbed with an oil-based furniture finish. The inside space has room for the set of prints, and also for the wooden display stand and acrylic dust cover (both included). Each case is (US) $50.00 with a shipping cost of $15.00

How to get one

If you are a new subscriber to a series, simply check off the 'Include a case' radio button on the subscription form, or if already have the prints, just use the contact form linked below to let us know, and we can prepare an invoice for you.