Mokuhankan Subscriptions

Frequently Asked Questions

The prices seem pretty cheap for a woodblock print - are these really handmade?
You bet. Each print is carved on cherry blocks (a key block and accompanying set of colour blocks) and then printed by hand by Dave and his Mokuhankan staff on the type of washi known as Echizen hosho. This is one of the finest papers available here in Japan, and these prints will last for literally (real literally!) hundreds of years.
Are these only by subscription? Can't I buy just the prints I like?
These prints are only available in complete sets. We of course have a full range of prints available for purchase one-by-one ...
But I see some of these prints available singly on your website ...
The Mokuhankan subscription sets are never sold individually. But we also have Dave's original Surimono Album available both ways: in the sets left-over that he himself printed (which are here on these subscription pages), and in single versions printed by the Mokuhankan staff printers from his original blocks ...
To which countries does the monthly postage charge apply?
It's a flat rate globally; the prints are sent out as Air Mail letters, not packages, so the postage is fairly reasonable.
Are gift subscriptions available?
This is no problem at all. We can send the invoice information to you, and the prints themselves to somebody else. Just let us know the two names/addresses in the Comments section when you send in the subscription form. (And we can of course print out and include a letter/message from you in the first package, letting the recipient know what is going on.)
Can I get full sets all at once?
Yes of course; we are happy to send them as a complete set, either to you, or to a gift recipient you choose. Just select the appropriate option on the subscription form.
Do you still use current Japanese commemorative stamps when you ship the prints?
Of course! We've learned over the years that this is a big attraction for our collectors - at the same time that they build their print collection, they are adding to their (or their nephew's) stamp collection too!