'Chibi Heroes'

... taking favorite video game heroes
and putting them back in the ukiyo-e style ...

What are Chibies?

'Chibi' is a word that a Japanese person might use to describe that insanely cute little toddler who lives next door: Playful? Check! Small scale? Of course! Did we mention cute? Double check!!

Our Chibi Heroes fit that name perfectly ... a fun collection of woodblock prints created by Dave Bull and his workshop as an offshoot of Jed Henry's larger Ukiyoe Heroes designs. We had a blast making these, and we hope you will enjoy collecting them! Follow the links at the bottom of the page for more information.

You can also see all these images in 'single view' form, on this page.

Storage case: Our combination storage/display case is finally ready; read more about it on this page.

Another possible way to store your Chibies is with an album designed for collecting postage stamps. We can't supply this for you, but a search for 'postage stamp stockbook' should turn up many similar items. (Look for one that has black coloured pages - these show off the prints much more beautifully!)

Under raking light, the wonderful paper texture is clearly visible ... (click for a closeup) ... these are beautiful little objects!