Travel Commemorative Collection


Travel Commemorative Collection
Matchlabel set


4.00 cm
6.00 cm


Print is Public Domain; Photography is:   Creative Commons License


The set seems to have been produced by a collectors group in the Kanto, on the occasion of a group trip to the Kansai area in 1933. Another edition of the set was printed in colour on silver-speckled paper. The title on the envelope which accompanied the colour-printed edition reads "関西訪問記念票" ("Labels in Commemoration of a Trip to Kansai").

It seems that two famous confection shops are featured: 入船堂(Iribune-do) and 梅園 (Ume-zono), but this is not completely clear...

When the characters circled at the top of each print are read together, the words "In Welcome of a Visit to Kansai in Showa 8 (1933)" (昭和八年関西訪問歡迎御禮) are spelled out.

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