8 Views of the Eastern Capital


8 Views of the Eastern Capital
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This series of eight designs by Hiroshige is based on the famous "Eight Views of Omi" series. Many artists in the Edo period adapted the themes of the "Eight Views" for locations other than Omi. In this particular set, for example, Hiroshige has applied the conventional themes (Autumn Moon, Night Rain, and so on) to famous views in the Edo (present day Tokyo) area. Hiroshige liked the "Eight Views" themes so much, in fact, that he created at least 24 "Eight Views" series during his lifetime. Each print in this particular series, reproduced by Adachi in the 1970s, is made up of a lightly coloured background and a fan-shaped cartouche featuring a landscape printed with vivid pigments. The original prints were probably produced in the 1830s.

For more information on "Eight Views" series, please see David's YouTube video on the topic.

For other "Eight Views" series by Hiroshige, please see Eight Views of Omi and Edo Kinko Hakkei in our collection.

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