Mystique of the Japanese Print


Mystique of the Japanese Print
Prints by David Bull

Seseragi Studio


Print is Public Domain; Photography is:   Creative Commons License


This is the second in the 'Hanga Treasure Chest' series created by Dave. It was published as a set of 18 prints sent to collectors by subscription, beginning in April of 2010 and completing in January of 2012.

Each print was mounted on illustration board, and was wrapped in a paper folder which had a short story (English and Japanese) describing some aspect of the print or the printmaking process. (These notes are included here on the page for each print.)

Dave provided a wooden case for the set, incorporating an acrylic stand which could be placed on top of the box to display the prints in turn. The full set of 18 prints (and the acrylic stand and support) store inside.

He printed around 200 copies of each one, and all were sold, either directly at time of publication, or in the few years following.

(The blocks are now being used by his Mokuhankan organization to create reprints, and these can be seen on the Mokuhankan website).

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