Sunset at Koganei


Sunset at Koganei
Print   (Part of the set: Edo Kinko Hakkei (1920s))


38.10 cm
25.60 cm


Print is Public Domain; Photography is:   Creative Commons License


Publisher's notes from the original pamphlet:

The river runs aslant across the bottom of the composition. Old cherry-trees, gaunt and broken, but in beautiful full bloom, line both sides of the river. The road along the river crosses over on a bridge, lower left. Several people are shown scattered on the road. Three picnickers are reclining on a platform between the road and the river, relaxing, smoking and enjoying the cherry-blossoms. At the left, the houses of the village of Koganei; behind them, a grove of bamboo, and beyond, the blue foot-hills, and the majestic cone of Mt. Fuji, still covered with snow, large in the background, slightly to the right of center.

The first of the three poems is a gourmet's appreciation of the scene in terms of sweetfish, taken from the river and cured and skewered against straw. This poem is signed by Umenoya. The second poem, by Taihaido, remarks cheerfully that the setting sun on the village of Koganei indicates that there will be fine weather tomorrow. The meaning of the third poem, by Fugatei, involves a play on the word ashi, meaning "feet" in one sense, and "light-beams" in another; and the poet would make the beams of the setting sun the cause of the "stopped feet" of the people at the village of Koganei.

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