Returning Sails at Gyotoku


Returning Sails at Gyotoku
Print   (Part of the set: Edo Kinko Hakkei (1920s))



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Publisher's notes from the original pamphlet:

Two large sail-boats laden with cargo occupy the center of the design. In the foreground, a long ferry-boat full of passengers and impedimenta, poled by two men. A red sunset in the background, with trees, roof-tops, and two small cone-like hills (right).

The first two of the poems can be translated without any particular difficulty. Montei's verse reads, Seeing something in the distance, first I thought it was smoke coming from the salt-pans, but then I saw it was the sails of the boats returning to Gyotoku. The second poem, by Kakuyushi Kamemaru reads, The bobble of heads in the Gyotoku ferry is like a basket full of alum roots. The meaning of the third poem, by Sosenro Niizake, is caught in a snarl of puns based on the word neko (cat), and this poem defies translation. The fourth poem, by Kojian Sachikaze, remarks on the straw-mat hung up to dry on one of the large boats and says that it will probably be used for a sailor's bed that night.

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