Flower Basket (花かご)

Designer: Hakamada Sekka | Carver: David Bull | Printer: Ayumi Ohashi

Paper size: 15cm by 11cm | Enlargement | Shipping Code: [HC] ? ( Change currency: $ / £ / )

Price: $ 40.00£ 32.25€ 36.75

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Description: We here at Mokuhankan have to keep in mind that the people collecting our prints fall into two major categories: those familiar with Japanese culture, and those not so familiar. For the most part, with a straight-forward ‘decorative’ design, it doesn’t really matter so much what level of cultural knowledge the viewers have; each of us can enjoy these prints at our own level. But in one particular aspect it does make a difference - and that is the inclusion of calligraphy. When a print contains calligraphy, it is of course seen and understood in completely different ways by the two groups: Japanese people can read the content of the characters, and can also enjoy the beauty inherent in the calligraphic work itself, but for many foreigners, neither of these things can be appreciated, and indeed, the presence of calligraphy can itself become a distraction. So when we found this design, we had an ‘Aha!’ moment; here is a way that we can try to show the Western collectors some small aspect of the beauty of calligraphy. There is no ‘meaning’ in these strokes, and they do not ‘distract’ from the image; they are the image! Just looking at them makes me want to dip a brush into some rich black ink and give it a try ...

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