Ayumi Miyashita

Ayumi-san has come to us from far-off Hokkaido. After leaving high school in the spring of 2012, she headed for the big city with one thought in mind - get some training at becoming a craftsman in the woodblock printmaking field. (Yes, there are still such people!)

Her initial interest was (and still is) in the making of the traditional printer's baren, but she realizes that the process of developing that skill will take a very long time, and even when she is 'ready' and hangs out her shingle, making a living at it might be quite some challenge. So she quite sensibly came to us and discussed whether or not she could work as a printer as well. (And honestly speaking, there could be no better training for a baren maker than becoming a good printer, of course!). She started her training in the early summer of 2012, and very quickly reached the point where her work became ready for our catalogue.

She has become so good at this that the question of her future as a baren maker is perhaps something that we don't talk about much here ... In any case, for the time being, as long as she is willing to study and work with us, she's welcome!