David Bull

I don't want to talk too much about myself here. If you have wandered around Woodblock.com at all, you will know something about who I am, and what I am doing. I am starting this little publishing venture with no backing whatsoever, and we are going to try to pull ourselves up by our shoestrings, one print at a time.

Print publishers have come and gone over the years, mostly 'gone' these days. A couple of the Tokyo outfits have dabbled a bit with the internet, but they certainly don't grok the web, and their websites can't be doing much for their business. What is needed is somebody who knows a good bit about printmaking, someone who can bring a fresh viewpoint about what can be produced (instead of re-hashing the 'same old same old' all over again), someone who can communicate with the craftsmen in their own language, someone who has at least some ability to 'get the message out' (both domestically here in Japan, and overseas), and ... perhaps most importantly, someone who is enthusiastic about all this stuff. Can I have a show of hands? ...

I thought so ... Nobody here but me! :-)