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What type of prints can you expect to find here at Mokuhankan as our catalogue grows? It's going to be a bit difficult to generalize about that. Without any question, the selection will reflect the taste (and prejudices!) of the guy running the show. What does he find interesting? For a quick survey, you could check the page of Surimono Albums that he made some years back. If you find those attractive, you should like what we are offering here.

What you will not find here, are too many 'famous' designs. James Michener used to write about the 'problem' in the arts of over-exposure of the big names to the detriment of that legion of men in every era, in every field, who shared similar talents, but who missed being touched by the magic wand of fame as it passed through their era. Put simply, it would be a crime to spend our efforts re-doing what has already been done to death when there is an absolute mountain of beautiful, interesting, and relatively unknown work waiting to be done.

But that brings me to an important point - is Mokuhankan going to be strictly a 'reproduction' house, digging up old designs and re-cutting them? Well that's the way that we got started, but as pretty much everybody who has ever browsed the internet knows by now, we have made quite a name for ourselves making prints on 'pop culture' themes - more specifically, the large and growing series of prints parodying game characters - the Ukiyoe Heroes, that we began in 2012

After starting our Asakusa shop in the fall of 2014, our outlook broadened even wider, and we have recently opened up a 'Flea Market' section in the shop, full of wonderful prints sourced from estate sales and dealer auctions. We are in the process of getting much of that collection online, and you will find a small selection of those prints linked below. (Note that while our regular prints can be purchased through the shopping cart directly, the Flea Market prints are unique, so to avoid 'double purchases', they are available by 'request'. Select items, put them into a list, and we will reply with current availability.)

Anyway, let's get to it. Please browse the current catalogue of Mokuhankan prints by selecting an item from the tag cloud below. That will bring up a group of small images from which you can select catalogue pages one by one.

As mentioned on the introduction page, we are starting this on a shoestring, so the catalogue is starting with an embarrassingly small quantity of items - and will grow slowly from there. We hope you find some of our work interesting, and we certainly hope you will consider ordering a print or two. We are doing our best to keep the prices as reasonable as we can.

Thank you for coming this far, and please enjoy the images ... Feedback is welcomed; use the contact link located at the bottom of most pages to send private communication, use the 'Comments' section on each page of the 'Conversations' for communication with the 'community' at large.

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