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Tatsumi Geisha

Size: 39.5cm by 26.5cm (15.55 in by 10.43 in) | Enlargement | Shipping Code: [L] ?

Designer: Torii Kiyonaga

Era: Mid Showa | Currency: $ / £ /

Price: ¥ 9,000$ 75.00£ 60.50€ 70.25 [Item has been sold]

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Description: This print is from the series 'Comparison of Fashionable Beauties of the Pleasure Quarters', dedicated to courtesans from the secondary pleasure quarters of Edo.

The print shows an intimate scene with three courtesans. One of them is sitting next to a black lacquered dressing table with a mirror. She appears to be tending to her hair and dressing, as her robe is half on, leaving her bare shoulder exposed. There are some hair accessories on the dresser and a white cloth. On the floor, we can see a wooden tub containing water, some clothes, and a cup. Another female figure is standing next to her, showing her what appears to be a letter. The third is standing behind her, also reading what appears to be a letter.

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