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Fujieda - from the 53 Stations of the Tokaido

Size: 27.0cm by 40.0cm (10.63 in by 15.75 in) | Enlargement | Shipping Code: [L] ?

Designer: Ando Hiroshige

Era: Mid Showa | Currency: $ / £ /

Price: ¥ 7,000$ 59.00£ 48.25€ 55.50 [Item has been sold]

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Description: This is a print from what is perhaps the single most famous series of Japanese woodblock prints ever produced - "The 53 Stations of the Tokaido", designed by Hiroshige in the 1830s.

The print you see here is a reproduction version produced in the post-war period by one of the numerous publishing houses working at that time (Adachi, Takamizawa, Yuyudo, Bijutsu-sha, Yamada Shoin, Kyoto Hanga-in, etc.) Here at Mokuhankan we have a wide selection of such prints, far too many to scan and prepare for the website one by one.

We don't always have every print in this series in stock, but try to keep as many of them available as possible. The one you see in this photo is on hand, but feel free to contact us about other designs in this series that you don't see on the site ...

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Image information: Fujieda station was one of the important transportation points on the Tokaido.

On this road, many people, horses and goods were constantly coming and going. During the long journey it was not only people but also horses that needed rest, which made it a common practice to change horses at stations. In the image workers are unloading baggage from a tired horse - with another standby horse waiting as replacement.

Hiroshige depicted the full of life scene in detail; from left - a man with Japanese smoking pipe, a half naked man wiping the sweat with ‘tenugui’ Japanese towel, a man fixing his hairband, a man calculating the fee with an abacus, and so on.

On the right, a man sitting on the high platform is talking with another man - probably giving some instructions. The reason why he is sitting in such high place is that even a person riding on horseback didn’t have to get off to do business with him.

The horse in the foreground being unloaded has a black cloth on its flank. Hiroshige wrote the publisher’s family name ’Takeuchi’ on the cloth. He also wrote ‘Hoeido’ - the publishing company name - on the board attached on the luggage seen in the center.

This image conveys the vivid scene so well that we almost feel the air of excitement!

* * *

There are slight creases on this print.

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