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Harunobu Famous Collection (set of 12)

Size: 31.0cm by 23.0cm (12.20 in by 9.06 in) | Enlargement | Shipping Code: [L] ?

Designer: Suzuki Harunobu

Era: Post-war | Currency: $ / £ /

Price: ¥ 64,000$ 580.00£ 415.00€ 490.00

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Description: A set of 12 prints of Suzuki Harunobu including Zashiki Hakkei (Eight Views in the Parlour).

Zashiki Hakkei was originally produced in 1766. They were the first full-colour nishiki-e prints and are considered representative examples of Harunobu's work. The prints are mitate-e parodies of popular themes of the 11th-century Chinese landscape painting series, Eight Views of Xiaoxiang; Harunobu replaces natural scenery with domestic scenes.

More information about Zashiki Hakkei is available onour Collection page and also on the Mokuhankan’s YouTube video.

The dimensions given are for each print.

This set is in a cloth-binding case (the outer diameter is 49cm x 34cm). Each print is held in a tri-fold enclosure inside an orange inner case.

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