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Sharaku Famous Actors (set of 28)

Size: 40.0cm by 27.0cm (15.75 in by 10.63 in) | Enlargement | Shipping Code: [INC] ?

Designer: Toshusai Sharaku

Era: Mid Showa | Currency: $ / £ /

Price: ¥ 185,000$ 1670.00£ 1190.00€ 1390.00 [Item has been sold]

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Description: This massive production is one of a number of major projects undertaken by the Mainichi Newspaper organization in the 1980s. This was the 'bubble era', when money flowed pretty freely, and projects that would not have been commercially viable in more 'normal' times, found willing purchasers.

This set of 28 prints sold for 550,000 yen at the time (it was made in 1981), a price that most of us now would consider quite 'optimistic'. But the edition of 250 sets does seem to have sold out, and given the passage of 40 years, they now come out onto the market occasionally. The package includes the 28 prints in their mats, a (Japanese) explanatory booklet, and a frame with 'easy-open' back, in which the prints can be displayed one at a time, in rotation.

This particular set is in absolutely pristine condition (the included frame is still covered in its original paper wrapping ... unopened). The prints show their era in the slight toning of the washi, but are free from foxing or other defects. The carving team was led by Kikuta Kojiro (one of the main carvers in the Takamizawa organization), and the printers were led by Sato Kantaro.

Mokuhankan also owns one of these beautiful sets, so you can see high-resolution photos of all the prints in our online Collection.


Special Shipping Notice

Warning: this set is massive, weighing in at 11 kg (approx. 25 lbs), beyond what our shopping cart can calculate. So we have set the price to include sea freight to any common destination. We can quote an air freight supplement if you wish it shipped that way.


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