Clearing Weather


Clearing Weather
Print   (Part of the set: Edo Kinko Hakkei (1980s))


38.30 cm
25.30 cm


Print is Public Domain; Photography is:   Creative Commons License


Publisher's notes from the original pamphlet:

A distant view of the low hills at Takanawa as seen from the sea. Contrast is lent by the tall masts of two anchored ships in the right foreground. The depiction of the blue waves with white bubbles on them, in the lower part of the print, is beautifully and skilfully accomplished.

All three of the poems deal with the atmosphere of peacefulness and quiet which follows a storm. The first poem by Baikotei Hanamaru, compares the calm after a storm with the closing of a folding fan (the movement of air having been stopped). The second poem, signed by Bandaisha Kazuhisa, can be translated literally (omitting, inevitably, all but the top layer of meaning) into, How beautiful the sea is at Shibaura after a storm! The very peaks of the clouds seem washed clean by tie waves. The third poem, by Hachijintei, compares the fishing boats lying scattered off Shibaura with the fallen leaves on Gotenyama blown about by the wind.

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