Traditional Sailing Boat - Night (帆船(夜))

Designer: Hiroshi Yoshida | Carver: David Bull | Printer: Ayumi Ohashi

Paper size: 23cm by 13.8cm | Enlargement | Shipping Code: [M] ? ( Change currency: $ / £ / )

Price: $ 75.00£ 60.75€ 69.00

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Description: On quite a few occasions during his career as a designer for woodblock prints, Hiroshi Yoshida did the same 'trick' - producing a set of prints with colour tones modified to suggest either different times of day, or different weather patterns. When he published his introductory book on Japanese printmaking techniques he included a pair of such prints, one of which you see here (the alternate 'daytime' version is also in our Mokuhankan catalogue, and we offer a discounted price on the purchase of the pair together.)

The set of blocks is not completely the same, as the daytime version has no distant scenery, but simply an open sea. For this night view, a couple of the daytime blocks were not needed, and two additional blocks were cut: one for the yellow lights and reflections, and one for the overall background (with those lights cut out).

(For more information on the background of the design, and on Mr. Yoshida's book, please refer to the listing for the other print of the pair.

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