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Introducing William Francis' Carving

Posted by Dave at   7:37 AM, December 3, 2017 [Permalink]

A new face! When talking about Jed Henry, and woodblock prints, the next words that come to mind are Dave Bull … because it’s Dave (and his team) who have done all of Jed’s printmaking work so far. But we now have a new name to include: William Francis, from the UK. Jed and William are working together on some ‘non-Heroes’ designs, and the first of those is now available!
It was designed by Jed, and then cut and printed by William in the traditional Japanese method. We’ve got a batch of them in the ‘Guest Corner’ of our shop in Asakusa; for online access, please visit Jed’s website here.
And the world of Japanese woodblock printmaking just grows and grows and grows ...





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